UnityPoint Health Nurse Clinical Charge in Peoria, Illinois

To provide clinical oversight of patient care and continuity, clinical practice, quality, resource utilization, and patient outcomes.

Demonstrates Ability to Assess, Plan, Facilitate and Evaluate Patient Care

  • Demonstrates clincial competence in caring for a wide variety of complex patients through expert assessment skills, manual and technical skills, and critical thinking abilities.

  • Demonstrates the ability to stay on the cutting edge of critical care and cardiac medicine and clinical practice.

  • Conducts patient rounds developing goals with physician and interdisciplinary team.

  • Performs daily chart review and patient rounds with the primary nurse to evaluate and facilitate care tasks and patient progression toward goals, assurring patient needs are met.

  • Uses baseline/ongoing patient data from all sources to assist in the development of an individualized plan of care.

  • Collaborates with interdisciplinary team members to identify potential barriers and variances to the plan of care.

  • Collaborates with the care team to recommend referrals to other disciplines of the care team as necessary to meet patient needs (social work, therapy, wound care, etc.).

  • Ensures the plan of care is well coordinated and communicated to the patient and family in a tiemly manner to assist them in understanding goals of care and movement toward these goals.

  • Identifies and plans for discharge and teaching needs at the point of admission and incorporates needs in plan of care..

  • Uses and individualizes disease specific standards of care and clincial practice guidelines to achieve patient goals.

  • Facilitates weekly patient/family conferences with interdisciplinary team involvement for patients with LOS > 4days.

  • Reviews plan of care daily with patient, family, and care team and readjusts plan of care based on evaluation of clinical data and the patients'/families' needs until transfer or discharge.

  • Collaborates with Utilization Management staff and Clinical Director to facilitate LOS and payor needs.

  • Demonstartes ability to recognize, evaluate and assist in the implementation of solutions in resource consumption and length of stay issues.

  • Demonstartes knowledge in the continuum of care and discharge planning.

  • Performs daily chart review to assure all docuementation is complete (POE, assessment, practice guidelines, core measures, etc.).

  • Participates in bedside report on complex patients.

  • Manages and mentors in crisis situations.

  • Possesses knowledge and skills necessary to obtain adequate lab specimens for testing.

  • Performs patient bedside lab testing and associated quality control in compliance with medical provider’s orders and hospital lab procedures/policies.

Assists in the professional growth/development, clinical knowledge/skills, and critical thinking ability of nurses and ancillary staff.

  • Recognizes individual and unit edcuation needs based on trends, quality standards, observation, and care gaps.

  • Assists Clinical Director in the development and implmentation of yearly individualized education plans for staff.

  • Performs bedside mentoring and education on the spot when knowledge gaps or teachable moments are identified.

  • Provides feedback to staff on performance based on observation and chart review.

  • Conducts bedside critical thinking exercises with nurses during patient rounds.

  • Faciliatates and conducts bedside orientation for critical situations/experiences after the orientation period.

  • Assists Clinial Director and CNS in planning and execution of formal and informal educational programs (competencies, education days, technology updates, unit councils, etc.)

  • Assists in maintaining up to date resource materials/manuals.

  • Reports mentoring and bedside educational acitivities to the Clinical Director on an ongoing basis.

  • Assists Clinical Director in evaluation of knowledge and skills of staff through formal testing and obsrevation.

  • Assists Clinical Director in conducting yearly learning needs assessment, planning yearly education, and evaluation of the effectiveness of education provided.

  • Assists Clinical Director in completing education grids and education compliance monitoring.

Demonstrates Professional Accountability and Leadership

  • Develops and maintains clincial expertise in the care of the designated patient population.

  • Provides clinical leadership to achieve desired patient outcomes.

  • Serves as a professional role model, mentor, and change agent.

  • Holds self and others to high standards of professional practice and behavior.

  • Develops and maintains positive relationships between staff, physicians and other departments

  • Develops strategies to promote intra and intershift teamwork and collegiality.

  • Conducts shift report and makes appropriate bed and staff assignments.

  • Establishes and communicates priority focus areas for the shift.

  • Demonstrates ability to delegate and oversee care processes.

  • Demonstates ability to manage time, multiple priorities, and changing demands assurring work is completed.

  • Communicates professionally and positively in all situations.

  • Acts as a role model and demonstrates expertise in conflict resolution and negotiation.

  • Demonstrates creativity and innovation in approach to complex problem solving.

  • Evaluates and communicates input on the professional practice environment and unit process effectiveness to the Clinical Director.

  • Continuously evaluates staff performance and provides input to the Clinical Director.

  • Provides input into staff evaluations.

  • Provides timely and ongoing feedback on patient, physician, and staff isues to Clinical Director.

  • Demonstrates flexibility in schedule to provide coverage for other Charge Nurses' absence, meeting with patients, families, and physicians.

  • Monitors patient flow issues and assists in problem solving and resolving these issues.

  • Assists in monitoring and managing daily staffing needs.

  • Assists with unit audits as delegated.

  • Attends meetings as appropriate.

Demonstrates Ability to Monitor and Facilitate Quality, Safety and Resource Management Initiatives.

  • Identifies areas for improvement in resource consumption and length of stay.

  • Assists Clinical Director in developing and Implementing strategies to reduce resource consumption and length of stay.

  • Reviews treatment plan daily and discusses with physician and care team a timely transition to cost effective care (IV to po meds, discontinuing daily labs, feedings versus parenteral nutrition, transfer to the next level of care, etc.)

  • Ensures staff attendance at various nursing councils as assigned.

  • Provides input with the development of protocols/standards/practice guidelines/plans of care as necessary.

  • Assess patient status for safety and establish preventive measures as needed.

  • Assesses environement and unit processes for patient safety risks and assists in the establishment of plans and interventions to reduce risk (falls, wounds, nutrition, NPSG compliance, etc.)

  • Acts as the Safety Officer for the assigned shift.

  • Assures events are reported in Peminic and to the Clinical Director in a timely manner.

  • Recognizes and participates in organizational and unit based PI activities.

  • Assists the Clinical Director in assurring all quality measures are met (core measures, leapfrog, SCIP, handwashing, VAP prevention, etc.).

  • Assists the Clinical Director in involving all staff in PI activities.


  • Bachelor's Degree in the field(s) of nursing Preferred

  • Individuals hired after August 1, 2013 must obtain a BSN within 2.5 years of hire

Work Experience

  • 3-5 years of experience in/with clinical nursing Required.

  • 1-3 years of experience in/with critical care nursing with demonstrated ability for problem solving, decision making, and establishing effective rapport with personnel, patients, families, physicians and colleagures, demonstrated ability for clinical leadership of the patient care team and patient management Required.

License and Certification

  • Registered Nurse in the state of IL

Required English Skills

  • Advanced reading skills

  • Advanced writing skills

  • Advanced oral skills

Communication Skills

  • Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker

  • Interaction with a wide variety of people

  • Maintain confidential information

  • Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information

  • Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor

Computer Skills

  • Basic computer knowledge: Uses word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail application, and web browser. Comfortable within a Windows OS and learning new applications.

  • Nursing related

Requisition ID: 2018-41372

Street: 221 NE Glen Oak Ave

Name: 5020 UnityPoint Health Methodist Medical Center


FTE (Numeric Only; Ex. 0.01): 1.0

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Scheduled Hours/Shift: 0700-1530/ variable

External Company URL: http://www.unitypoint.org