UnityPoint Health Invasive Cardiovascular Technologist X-ray in Peoria, Illinois


  • To assist the Cardiologists in performing invasive and diagnostic/interventional cardiac/vascular and electrophysiological procedures; as well as technical hemodynamic monitoring and interpretation using automated techniques. Providing care to meet patient needs and handle other duties as required and assigned.


  • “We are committed to delivering outstanding healthcare. Period.”


  • To assist cardiologists in performing invasive coronary/vascular/EP diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedures using a specific technique. To set up and operate a variety of electrical/imaging equipment and computers.

  • Knowledge of hemodynamic concepts, cardiac anatomy and physiology, and the purpose and operation of equipment and supplies inherent in cardiac/vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures

  • Knowledge and competency in moderate sedation administration and policy protocol

  • Knowledge of EP concepts, theory, and the fluoroscopic anatomy and physiology involved in diagnostic and interventional EP procedures

  • Displays good judgement and problem-solving skills

  • Displays ability to organize and prioritize performance based on procedural findings

  • Ability to recognize and assist in treatment of any complication arising from cardiac/vascular/EP diagnostic and interventional procedures

  • Advocates for patient's needs

  • Ability to set up sterile table with appropriate supplies specific to each procedure performed within the area

  • Knowledge of correct preparation and draping of patients

  • Extensive knowledge of use and function of supplies specific to cardiac/vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures

  • Knowledge and ability to properly connect to appropriate physiologic monitoring equipment

  • Knowledge of radiation safety and appropriate use and function of imaging equipment

  • Advanced knowledge of EKG interpretation and arrhythmia recognition, analysis, and interpretation

  • Hemodynamic and procedural results/outcome interpretation

  • Selection and operation of procedural supplies/equipment based on procedural findings

  • Knowledge of data analysis and interpretation specific to device implantation and function

  • Operation of both monophasic and biphasic defibrillators

  • Ability to effectively communicate and educate patient during procedures to alleviate anxiety and ensure focused patient care

  • Ability to recognize and assist any anesthesia needs inherent in the care of the deeply sedated or anesthetized patient

  • Collaborate with Research RN/Coordinator in carrying out laboratory-based research

  • Excellence in communication skills and professional interaction enable incumbent to interact with physicians so that patient safety, satisfaction and optimal patient outcomes are facilitated during procedures

  • Collaborates with team members and other health care providers in planning patient care specific to procedures being performed; assumes accountability for patient care by directing team members, if necessary, so that a standard of excellence and optimal patient outcomes can be achieved

  • Excellence in communication skills enable incumbent to effectively train and mentor team members

  • Appropriate, professional interaction with various vendors to ensure patient safety and positive outcomes resulting from product and/or equipment/supply use

  • Updates knowledge and skills as equipment changes are implemented within the area

  • Checks and evaluates equipment to ensure adequate performance and general safety on a daily basis

  • Manages digital archiving system ensuring safe storage of patient images and reports

  • Promptly notifies appropriate personnel and removes any malfunctioning equipment

  • Promptly reports any equipment or supply malfunction or defective status so that proactive steps may be taken to ensure patient safety

  • Demonstration of knowledge and ability to trouble-shoot and/or problem-solve any equipment within the area

  • Demonstrate the ability to query archived images from deep archive storage, as well as create CD's to facilitate transmission of patient information

  • Knowledge and recognition of Invasive Cardiology routines

  • Provides care to the adult patient undergoing coronary invasive procedures in the Cath Lab through the use of guidelines, policies, procedures, and standards of care. To report significant observations and reactions to appropriate personnel and document care provided.To maintain a working knowledge of aseptic technique

  • Proficient in set-up of all procedures

  • Assist in passing sterile guidewires, catheters, and other devices as required, using aseptic technique

  • Prepare instruments for sterilization

  • Suggest equipment of procedural changes required for the quality care of the patient

    • Aseptic technique
  • . Proficient in preparing sterile field

  • Understands requirements for maintaining aseptic technique

  • Observes for deviation from proper aseptic technique by others then has it corrected

  • Report significant observations to appropriate personnel and document observations and care provided.

  • Accurate interpretation of EKG and alerts physician of any irregular activity.

  • Accurate documentation of the procedure, in regards to catheter used, patient care, and response, medication given by the nurse, and complications during the procedure.

  • Ability to assist in selecting catheters that will permit the Cardiologists in obtaining a complete diagnosis.

  • Record, interpret, and calculate various

  • Performance Improvement Focus: Actively participates in data collection, analysis, problem solving and gives input on process improvements and patient satisfaction. Actively engages and attends educational opportunities to achieve continuing education specific to cardiac/vascular disease process and physiology. Achieve continuing education points to maintain active licensure.Assures that the care provided is consistent with standards of care, evidence based practices, national patient safety goals, core measures and other quality initiatives undertaken by the unit/hospital

  • Works with interdisciplinary team in identifying opportunities for improvement in patient care and patient/family satisfaction

  • Actively promotes and achieves customer satisfaction (patient, family, departments, physicians)

  • Participates in the implementation of Performance Improvement initiatives

  • Promptly and efficiently follows up on patient/family requests/needs - anticipates patient/family needs

  • Encourages coworkers in achieving excellent customer satisfaction; utilizes organizational service excellence standards

  • Serves on unit based councils

  • Identifies practice problems on the unit

  • Implements changes in own clinical practice based on literature and unit process improvement outcomes

  • Works on assigned projects, data collection, audits as assigned

  • Follow-up and/or feedback to management with problem solving and incident reports.

  • Continuing education

  • Attend other options such as seminars and college classes

  • Department participation

  • Participation in department decision making

  • Input on new products

  • Input on policy changes

  • Attend departmental education and/or staff meetings

  • ACLS certification achieved and maintained

  • Willingly shares knowledge and guides new orientees

  • Perform daily QI checks on the equipment.

  • RTR to maintain current registration and credentials

  • Attend educational opportunities

  • Willingly shares knowledge and guides new orientees

  • Assigns/completes charging/coding worksheet on each patient undergoing procedures within the area in an accurate and timely manner to ensure correct billing, optimal revenue reimbursement, and productivity statistics based on procedural chargesSelects/identifies appropriate charge sheet/charge codes depending on the procedure/procedures performed on the individual patient

  • Completes charge sheet with correct charges/codes to facilitate accurate coding based on the procedures performed/completed

  • Validates correct charges/codes with clinical cardiac coder to ensure accuracy when questions/issues arise

  • Attends yearly education to ensure competency and concurrent knowledge as CPT codes are modified/updated on an annual basis in all areas (cardiology, radiology and endovascular)

  • Maintains a charge/code error or missed charge rate of less than 3% of total charges on a monthly and annual basis


  • Associate's Degree in the field(s) of Radiologic Technologist, sciences Preferred

Work Experience

  • 1-3 years of experience in/with a sound knowledge base in Cardiology with experience in hemodynamic monitoring and EKG interpretation, sterile techniques and invasive angiographic techniques Preferred.

License and Certification

  • CPR

  • Licensed in Illinois as Radiologic Technologist.

  • The CIS/RTR training and certification for this position is a two year course in Radiologic Technologist program certified by the American Medical Association and certification by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology

  • State of Illinois Licensed.


  • Required English Skills

  • Advanced reading skills

  • Advanced writing skills

  • Advanced oral skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker

  • Interaction with a wide variety of people

  • Maintain confidential information

  • Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information

  • Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor

Computer Skills

  • Basic computer knowledge: Uses word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail application, and web browser. Comfortable within a Windows OS and learning new applications.

Requisition ID: 2018-41408

Street: 221 NE Glen Oak Ave

Name: 5020 UnityPoint Health Methodist Medical Center

Name: Cardiovascular Invasive- MMCI

FTE (Numeric Only; Ex. 0.01): 0.01

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Scheduled Hours/Shift: prn- days 7-330

External Company URL: http://www.unitypoint.org