UnityPoint Health Behavioral Health Clinician/License Pending-Emergency in Peoria, Illinois

To assess, coordinate screening and stabilization, provide crisis intervention and discharge planning for all behavioral health patients who present to the emergency department. Assist patients and families in accessing community resources regarding long term care, home care needs and/or hospice services. Responds to and assists staff with patients who are victims of violence or trauma to ensure appropriate services and referrals are available.

Appropriately assesses patient for risk factors and provide for a safe environment while patient is in the ED as well as when patient is being transferred to another level of care.

  • Ensures patient safety in the ED environment by identifying risk factors and educating patinets, significant others and all team members.

  • Educates ED staff on appropriate interventions in order to promote patient and staff safety when working with behavioral health patients.

  • Completes all pertinent clinical rating scales (ie, suicide rating scale, etc.).

  • Assists with the development and revision of behavioral health protocols for risk factors.

  • Assures that protocols for risk factors are initiated for all BH patients in the ED and continued throughout patient's stay in ED.

  • Utilizes CPI methods when a patient becomes agitated, aggressive or violent. Serves as a CPI resource for the ED and security staff.

  • Incorporates National Patinet Safety Goals into the treatment of each patient seen in the ED and serves as a resource for other staff on these goals.

  • Assists with application of restraints, monitoring of restraints and/or seclusion

  • Assures that all documentation of restraint/seclusion meets hospital policies/procedures.

  • Debriefs staff whenever a restraint/seclusion is utilized, documents the debriefing.

  • Completes required documentation as appropriate, including patient risk assessemnts, event reports, safety plans, etc.

  • Works collaboratively with the ED physician and psychiatrist to ensure appropriate disposition based on risk factors. Refers patients to the most clinically appropriate service(s).

  • Assures that patients with risk factors or other medical concerns are transferred in a safe manner whenever transportation to another facility is needed.

  • Communicates risk factors to the next level of care (inpatient, PHP, outpatient services, transfers, etc.).

Obtains pertinent assessment data from patient, significant others, and/or treating psychiatrist or clinician in order to assist the on-call or treating psychiatrist and ED physician to make the best disposition decision.

  • Assists in the development, continued review, and continuous improvement of all assessment documentation forms

  • Follows all department and hospital policies and procedures related to patient assessments.

  • Completes assessments and thoroughly documents in a timely manner- as soon as triage is complete.

  • Assures that all medical screening assessments, including laboratory diagnostics are completed according to physician orders and to hospital policy/procedure.

  • Interviews persons who accompany the patient to the ED in order to complete the assessment process (is often done separately from the patient interview).

  • Contacts treating behavioral health physician (or clinician, case worker) for assessment information (with appropriate ROI from patient).

  • Analyzes clinical situations in a systematic way and acts to obtain resources or to correct problmes to meeet or exceed expected outcomes or patient needs.

  • Provides succinct, thorough and accurate assessment information to the on-call psychiatrist (if different from the treating psychiatrist) and the ED physician immediately following assessment to discuss disposition.

  • Coordinates contact between on-call psychiatrist and ED physician whenever necessary

  • Consistently prioritizes work based on changes in patient condition, changes in assignment, unanticipated interruptions, and increased demand for services with influx of individuals seeking emergency behavioral health services. Continuously prioritizes patient care/safety concerns.

  • Manages assignment of patients with non-complex and complex presenting problems, with quick turnover in assignment.

  • Assures thorough communication to next provider when temporarily transferring care of a patient.

Works with the various components of the system of care (MMCI and community agencies/services) in order to quickly, efficiently, and appropriately move the patient from triage to disposition. Assists in admissions to inpatient sevices or in making appropriate referrals.

  • Assertively works with every discipline in a pro-active manner related to improving the efficiency of each behavioral health case moving from triage to disposition as well as improving the efficiency of the system.

  • Plans ahead to remove barriers to quick disposition and discharge.

  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of agencies in city and counties within the region, that serve individuals who have a mental illness, behavioral or emotional disorder, who are homeless, who may need nursing home placement, who may need treatment for substance abuse, or who have other needs which often present in the ED.

  • Develops positive working relationships with staff at key agencies, such as SASS, ERS, White Oaks, nursing homes, the South Side Mission, etc.

  • Demonstrates expert knowledge of MMCI behavioral health providers and services, and makes referrals when appropriate.

  • Refers patients appropriately to the most clinically appropriate service(s). Communicates pertinent clinical information to the receiving agency while the patient (with appropriate releases of information).

  • Collaborates pro-actively with behavioral health inpatient staff to assure quick admission process.

  • Keeps patient and significant others informed on a timely basis regarding disposition.

  • Educations behavioral health patients and significant others as appropriate, regarding treatment in inpatient units, partial hospitalization programs, or other outpatient services to which they are being referred.

  • Initiates referrals to other community hospitals and state operated facilities if necessary.

  • Ensures appropriate transportation is arranged for patients transferring to another facility.

  • Assures that all EMTALA documentation and tasks are completed by the ED team whenever a behavioral health patient is transferred to another facility.

  • Documents all disposition referrals in patient record.

  • Effectively manages patient flow, especially when volume is high. Meets established target for ED LOS, ensuring patient safety and satisfaction.

Serves as a resource for the emergency department staff and patients/significant others on issues of advanced directives, guardianship, mental health code, behavioral health pathology and crisis interventions in order to assure that quality services, compatible with the law, are delivered.

  • Completes petition or first certificate for behavioral health patients being admitted on an involuntary basis, and explains rights to patient and significant others.

  • Assists patients in signing voluntary forms and explaining voluntary rights for individuals being admitted to an inpatient unit.

  • Educates behavioral health patients and significant others as appropriate, regarding treatment in inpatient units, partial hospitalization programs, or other outpatient services to which they are being referred.

  • Assures that advanced directives are utilized appropriately: both power of attorney for health care and mental health advanced directives.

  • Assures that legal guardians for person approve of admission and paper work is completed accurately.

  • Serves as a resource for the ED staff, patients and significant others on issues of advanced directives, behavioral health directives, guardianship, mental health code, HIPAA, confidentiality act and clinical issues related to behavioral health pathology, symptomology, prognosis and appropriate crisis interventions including CPI and restraint/seclusion.

  • Assures that the care provided is consistent with standards of care, evidence based practices, national patient safety goals and other quality inititives undertaken by the hospital.

  • Takes cultural, age-specific, gender and developmental factors into consideration when teaching patients about procedures, ilness, hospital experience, etc.

  • Identifies opportunities for improvement in patient care and patient/family satisfaction. Assists in collecting data for performance improvement purposes (tracking indicators, chart reviews, etc.) and actively participates in the implementation of performance improvement initiatives.


  • Master's Degree in the field(s) of social work, psychology or counseling Required

Work Experience

  • 1-3 years of experience in/with behavioral health or emergency department setting is Preferred.

License and Certification

  • Additional Information: LCSW or LCPC is preferred

Required English Skills

  • Advanced reading skills

  • Advanced writing skills

  • Advanced oral skills

Communication Skills

  • Ability to respond appropriately to customer/co-worker

  • Interaction with a wide variety of people

  • Maintain confidential information

  • Ability to communicate only the facts to recipients or to decline to reveal information

  • Ability to project a professional, friendly, helpful demeanor

Computer Skills

  • Basic computer knowledge: Uses word processing, spreadsheet, e-mail application, and web browser. Comfortable within a Windows OS and learning new applications.

  • MS Office Apps

  • MS Access

  • MS Word.

  • Web Browser

  • MS Excel.

  • Windows Operating System

Requisition ID: 2018-43779

Street: 221 NE Glen Oak Ave

Name: 5020 UnityPoint Health Methodist Medical Center

Name: BH Intake Unit- MMCI

FTE (Numeric Only; Ex. 0.01): 0.8

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

Scheduled Hours/Shift: 3rd Shift

External Company URL: http://www.unitypoint.org