Lacosta Inc Site Operations Manager in Goodfield, Illinois


Description -The site level supervisor for all LaCosta employees and the main contact for customer(s). Manages all company services including housekeeping, maintenance and other projects on site. Is on site for at least 1 shift 5 days a week and may have to be available to manage weekend projects. Is available remotely 24-7 to trouble shoot site issues or to perform administrative tasks.


  • Lead and train all employees to enable them perform their duties successfully
  • Manage day to day contacts with the customer(s)
  • Be available during off hours to trouble shoot issues remotely
  • Perform, daily, weekly and monthly inspections of the work that LaCosta performs
  • Hire new employees or fire existing employees when necessary
  • Manage all employee timekeeping
  • Encourage efficient work habits
  • Organize LaCosta storage sites
  • Clean on a pre-determined route
  • Report to LaCosta District Manager and Traveling Operations Manager Daily
  • Keep track of labor and materials budget
  • Problem solve to stay within budget
  • Respond to all customer requests with-in 2 hours
  • Read and understand bi-weekly payroll reports to ensure labor $ accuracy

Must have the following experience/skills:

  • Floor care ie. Strip and wax
  • Operating standard janitorial equipment
  • Operating mechanical janitorial equipment ie. scrubber, extractors vacuums
  • Managing 10 or more employees and communicate effectively.

Position Requirements

Must be able to:

  • Operate a smart phone
  • Operate a computer, IPad Microsoft Office programs, and email
  • Lift 70lbs and be able to walk with for over 1000 ft.
  • Operate all janitorial equipment on site
  • Use personal vehicle to move supplies occasionally
  • Read and Write in conversational English and Polish
  • Organize, produce, and record multiple projects
  • Forecast material and labor needs