Manpower Assembley in Peoria, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Assembly Operator's needed in Edelstein Illinois JOB SUMMARY:Assists in the assembly of generator enclosures with the use of hand and power tools. Entry level position. Requires basic math skills, ability to read blueprints, mechanical aptitude, and basic problem solving ability. Performs multiple routine or semi-complex tasks with limited exercise of judgment. Performs duties under close supervision. Assists more advanced employees in mid-level work for development and training. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1.Uses blueprints to verify dimensions and layout for doors and other openings.2.Installs prescribed fiberglass insulation in wall and ceiling panels using proper PPE.3.Precisely measures and plumbs various parts including wall, door, roof supports with proper measurement tools. 4.Torques buildings to the appropriate levels as defined by the standard operating procedures.5.Monitors the quality of each panel that is to be assembled.6.Safely operates forklifts.7.Attach perforated liner over insulated walls in enclosureNON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1. Keeps work area clean.2.Keeps tools and equipment clean and properly stored.QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS:Must demonstrate proficiency in reading and interpreting a blueprint.Must be able to attain AWS certification at level 2.Physical ability for lifting and moving forms and bulkheads.Basic math skills.Ability to use and read a tape measure to within 1/16th of an inch.Ability to communicate effectively, both verbal and writtenGood judgment and attention to detail.Ability to read, comprehend and assimilate information.Ability to maintain satisfactory working relationships and interact effectively with all levels of employees.Ability to maintain confidentiality of trade secrets.Previous mig welding experience is a plus.MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT:Tape MeasureImpact wrenchTorque wrench ShearBand SawPipe ThreaderForkliftHand grinderCaulking gunCaulk Stud WelderPHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:Job requires wearing personal protective gear, such as protective eyewear, hearing protection, hard hat, and steel-toed boots. Exposed to noisy environment when using grinders during panel cleaning. Must be able to handle potentially irritating insulation with proper PPE. Job requires working for extended periods of time in a standing position while constructing panels into building form. Also requires bending and stooping for extended periods of time when installing components of the panel and constructing buildings. Job requires ability to lift up to 50 lbs. when moving panels into place. Must be able to carry up to 50 lbs. of tools and supplies when constructing buildings. Some crawling is required when applying caulk (sealer) and torqueing bolts. Numerical intelligence is a requirement in reading and using a tape measure and blueprints