Caterpillar Inc. Electronic Control Module Project Team Lead - 170009N7 in Mossville, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: JOB PURPOSE: To successfully lead a team to develop high-quality electronic/electrical component product lines for engine and machine systems that meet complex requirements and low cost producer (LCP) targets. Partner with suppliers to deliver production components and help the systems engineers integrate successfully into various applications. JOB RELATED STATISTICS: Lead a team to meet NPI and NTI milestones for each program by delivering quality components/platforms on time that meet agreed upon features for each milestone. Key metrics include: completion of CV, DV, PV and PPAP validation phases, post production component and application support, and cost reduction. JOB DUTIES: For Caterpillar, digital means using technology to extract data from our machines and engines and transform it into valuable recommendations or "insights," to help customers make better, more informed decisions and help Caterpillar make robust products with the lowest total ownership cost. Our products generate and process large amounts of data from sensors, on-board models, and control algorithms in real-time creating real-world machine usage information. Electronic Components/Platforms are key enabling technologies for the overall digital strategy. Key electronic component technologies provide the foundational technology building blocks that enable valuable data to be gathered from machines and engines. The team leader role accounts for up to 50% of this assignment the remainder of the time, the incumbent acts as an individual contributor, bringing technical expertise to the project as well. Team leaders must manage their own development, continuously learning through experience new business knowledge and skill. Program/project management and strong organizational skills are critical.Interpersonal, leadership, and strong communication skills are required. Significant challenges of this position are working with people: enhancing the team's creativity; facilitating the team's cooperation; clearly communicating the requirements and tasks, while gaining input from the team on refinement of same; translating both verbal and non-verbal information from the customer, management, and team members.Project team leaders are the spokesperson for the team in meetings with multiple levels of management and with the customer. Team leader must develop good networks to enable them to obtain resources and cooperation needed, and remove roadblocks so that they can insure the success of their team. Project team leaders may be called upon to give input to performance reviews for team members. Ever increasing skills in the role-based competencies of Managing Vision & Purpose, Decision Quality, and Negotiating are required.The incumbent would set strategy at the project level. The project would solve problems for a single technology, component, product, or process.Project scope will vary up to a moderate technical focus on an electrical/electronic component product and will require incumbent to broaden business understanding. Although jobs/projects will have a relatively narrow focus, understanding and defining their benefits to the application/system is crucial.Therefore, the ability to draw upon foundational product development skills such as conceptual design, development of product and/or process, data analysis & extraction, failure resolution & prevention, and requirements management is required; as well as, ever increasing skill in technical project management, development of product, internal and external requirements management, and cost-value management.Team leaders must manage their own development, continuously learning through experience, and understanding the customers' needs and application of the product or process, as well as keeping up with technology.Project team leaders are accountable for pulling together a team of individuals, who may or may not have worked together before, to solve a technical problem or create critical component(s) and systems or process.Team leaders may or may not select the team and the job/project deadline. Incumbent will be expected to pull input from the whole team to formulate decisions and develop the output for the job/project. Key areas of responsibility encountered in the role of team leader are: plan and manage the job/project; manage the business/financial aspects of the job or project; provide a supportive work environment for the team; mentor, coach, and develop others; and manage one's own development. The team leader will interact with people from diverse technical and cultural backgrounds. Incumbent will work within the team and beyond the team with contractors, hourly, salaried and management employees, suppliers, customers and individuals working in many Caterpillar organizations.Decisions may affect the job/project team, the division or business unit, suppliers, both internal and external customers, and the market. Decisions may impact the entire product, process or factory, warranty, sales, and customers' perceptions, and can cause an evolutionary change in technology. Expectations demand that jobs/projects be completed on time, independent of the hours required. Acknowledging trade-offs between time, resources and quality and rai