Marion Manufacturing CNC MACHINE OPERATOR in Morton, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Able to operate 1 of 3 work centersoCNC lathesoCNC VerticalsoCNC Horizontals Load / Unload PartsoCapable of properly using all required hand tools.oCapable of lifting up to 75 lbs.oCapable of using tools to ensure proper loading of the part (feeler gage, etc)Machine Operation (read and follows machine work instructions)oCycle machine in / out.oIdentify and locate "Feed Hold" button and appropriate use.oIdentify and locate "E-Stop" button and appropriate use.oAccess the diagnostic screen and retrieve any machine alarms.Flip Inserts / Tool WearoCapable of learning basic tool wear concepts (change upon supervisions approval)oCapable of flipping and changing inserts (excluding port tools) upon supervisions approval.Basic / Secondary Hand OpsoDeburroPolishing / BuffingoSpot Facing (Bridgeport)oPressing Bearings / BrushingsPack / Unpack PartsoMust be able to read process sheets and follow packing procedures and work instructions.